Ahead: Penny Arcade Expo East 2012

Next week, I’m headed to PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts from 6th – 8th April. Work-wise, it’s going to be a low-key convention for me. My company does not have a presence on the show floor and we’re not having any events outside of a couple of panels. I’d already planned on going to PAX East months ago, regardless of whether work would send me there. I’m not speaking on any panels, so there’s that pressure off. I’m quite looking forward to having some downtime at a videogame convention. I’ll actually get to see things!

Behind: Eurogamer Expo 2011

My first Eurogamer Expo is over. It was great show both for me and for the company. This was probably the best show of the year in terms of getting the Guild Wars 2 demo in front of people who were not familiar with it or people who only knew a little bit about the game. I really enjoyed meeting in-person some friends whom I’d previously only known through blogging and Twitter. I also spent a few days prior to Eurogamer Expo working out of the NCsoft Europe office in Brighton and it was great to get to meet more people from the European team and work with them in the office.

I also spent several days in the UK after the convention to travel around London, Edinburgh, and St Andrews and see old friends and acquaintances.

Ahead: Eurogamer Expo 2011

I will be traveling internationally for work for the very first time tomorrow.  I’m on the small team that will be representing ArenaNet at Eurogamer Expo from 22 – 25 September in London. I’m exceedingly excited about this trade show both because it will be my first overseas convention and because it marks the first time in 9 years that I have been  back to the UK and indeed Europe.  I’ll be arriving ahead of Eurogamer Expo to work out of the Brighton office of our parent company, NCsoft. I’ll be able to get to know the European team better and see how work is done in the UK office.

After Eurogamer Expo, I’ll take a few days off to stay in the UK to visit with friends in London, Edinburgh, and St Andrews. I lived in the UK for several years whilst I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, so I’m very much looking forward to this visit.