A New Campaign: Wizards of the Coast

I have some belated news. In December 2022, I started on a new adventure—I joined Wizards of the Coast and the content marketing team for Dungeons & Dragons as Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Communications.

My first three months at the new job have been absolutely wild (a massive understatement…). Despite the monumental challenges (and it was a lot) during my short time working on Dungeons & Dragons, I ultimately feel that this was a good decision for me and where I wanted to take my career.

As a longtime Dungeons & Dragons player, it’s neat to work on a game that has been a part of my life for decades, and alongside great people who are also passionate about D&D. I am learning a ton every day, and I’m doing my best to contribute and to make a positive impact where I can.

The decision to leave NCSOFT West (and ArenaNet) after 14.5 years was a difficult one. I had a fantastic team, boss, and company, and I will always be grateful for my time there.

I’m sad that the recent layoffs have hit my former team so hard. The team was already small and scrappy, and now they’re even smaller and have to be even more scrappy. I’m doing my best to support those who were impacted where I can.

It’s been years, so these are the major milestones since the last time I posted here:

That’s all for now. Maybe it won’t be 9 years until my next post.