Ahead: Emerald City Comicon 2014

I will be speaking on a panel at Emerald City Comicon, which is taking place in Seattle from 28 – 30 March:

Looking Past the Target Audience

Friday, March 28
Looking Past the Target Audience
Room: HALL D (602-603)
Time: 3:40PM – 4:30PM

The world is a politicized place and the geek community is no exception. Join us as we look at how gender and race are portrayed in geek culture. Creators, curators, community leaders and critics on the front lines of this issue examine the fight over geek identity and the barriers to diversity in geek communities and media. The discussion will include proposed steps toward a diverse and inclusive geek culture. Panelists include Jay Edidin, Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Regina Buenaobra, G. Willow Wilson, Scotty Iseri, Andy Khouri, and Sfe M.

After the success of last year’s panel, Rachel Edidin has turned it into a recurring panel at other geeky/fandom conventions, with different panelists depending on interest and who is free. “Looking Past the Target Audience” is also a blog.