I’m a member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and I signed up to be a mentor through IGDA’s Diversity Special Interest Group. Not many people have taken me up on the offer, but I’m not sure that many people know of that resource in the first place. I think that people who belong to marginalized groups should support each other in the games industry, but oftentimes, it’s hard to know who you can turn to.

Yesterday, I wrote on my games blog about the #1ReasonWhy Twitter conversation that took place last week. The conversation raised visibility around the difficulties that women in the games industry face, and it also highlighted the need for support systems for women in the industry.

The #1ReasonMentors hashtag emerged from that discussion. Women in the games industry used #1ReasonMentors indicate their willingness to be a mentor to women who want to work in the games industry. There’s a list on Storify collecting the tweets of those who volunteered to mentor. I joined in and volunteered to help out as well.

I’m happy that several people have already reached out to me, and I hope I can help them or at least point them towards other resources that I may know of. If you’re a woman who’s interested in community management and/or is looking for some support or advice from someone who works in the industry, you can contact me through the following methods: