One Million Sign-Ups to Guild Wars 2 Beta in Two Days

I didn’t plan on this space being one where I simply repeated company news, but last week a notable event happened, so I wanted to record it here.

Last week, we reached an incredible milestone. On 22 February, we published our webpage on which gamers could sign up for a chance to be in an upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta event. In a little over 48 hours, we had reached one million sign-ups. That’s a huge response from gamers everywhere and it was quite an exciting moment for ArenaNet as well. Our parent company issued a press release with some information.

From the community management and social media management perspective, those two days were incredibly energising but also exhausting. My team went above and beyond on Facebook and Twitter to provide fans, old and new, with information, clarity, and updates about the beta sign-up process. I’m proud to say that we received a lot of compliments from fans, from fellow community managers and social media managers, and from other game development professionals regarding our social media presence and responsiveness during the critical ~48 hour sign-up period. I shared the milestone moment via Twitter through live tweets and photos.

Beyond my activity on Twitter and Facebook, I additionally helped support this beta sign-up period by organising another AMA on reddit. It was a timely Q&A on our World vs. World competitive format, starring one of our systems designers. The subject was quite topical as earlier that week, the game type received a lot of press and fan attention following a recent closed beta test in which members of the media participated. This event was complemented by a blog post by the same developer which cleared up fan questions about World vs. World after an initial blog post on the same topic had been published earlier in the month. The reddit AMA was again well received by our various fan communities, and in particular our fan community on reddit. As usual, the developers participating had a blast answering fan questions.

This huge and enthusiastic response about Guild Wars 2 beta events from gamers and even other games professionals is encouraging and exciting.